A Disruptive Real Estate Brokerage Ranked Number in the United Kingdom.
Purplebricks (alias)
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Purplebricks was founded in 2014 by two highly experienced industry professionals, Michael and Kenny Bruce, and has since seen phenomenal growth and success in positively and permanently changing the Real Estate industry.

How it Works
List home for a low-fixed fee.
Their unique and innovative hybrid model combines end-to-end customer facing technology with licensed, professional Real Estate agents - that makes the process of selling and buying homes more convenient, transparent and cost effective.
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How I Helped
Designing to the brand, consistency is key
Having established as a start in the US for a year, Purplebrick brought me on board as a Graphic Designer. I was responsible for designing prints and digital assets for the company. As a real estate brokerage company, I get to design business cards, flyers, postcards, signage—this, and riders for the real estate agents. I also silhouetted agent's photo and did retouching for prints and digital usage.
Graphic Design
Here is is a collection of my design at my previous company. Check it out below.
Freelance Product Designer