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In the digital age, it’s easier than ever to find something you want online. In fact, in the age of Amazon, you can find 100 or even 1000 “somethings,” depending on what that “something” is.

The upside of all this choice is evident: We don’t have to work as hard to procure the things we want. We don’t even have to go to a brick-and-mortar store to find most of them.

But there’s a downside as well: An abundance of choice can often lead to decision fatigue: our lessening ability to make a good, high-quality choice in the face of too many options.

One way discerning consumers have begun to cut through the noise of choice is to read online reviews. Online, the best-reviewed products are the ones that often win our business. And rightly so: A real, unbiased consumer account of his or her experience with a product is a good indicator of whether or not that product will meet our expectations.

OK, you might be saying. That works for everyday stuff I need. But where can I go to find unbiased customer reviews of real estate companies?

We’d like to point you to our consumer review page on Trusptilot, where we have received more than 1,200 unpaid, unbiased customer reviews. We’re proud to say, as of today, we carry a rating of “Excellent” (with a score of 9.7/10) due to the overwhelming number of positive reviews we’ve garnered from our customers.

Trustpilot, for their part, also adheres to a rigorous set of standards to ensure reviews stay unbiased, and each review is independently verified. Learn more about that here.

As we’ve mentioned before, we are grateful for customer feedback of any sort, as it informs our business every single day. If you’ve left us a review on Trustpilot, thank you. If you’re curious about Purplebricks and haven’t yet visited our Trustpilot page, please feel free to do so any time!


And as always, should you have any questions about our services, please call 888-822-8008 any time to speak to a licensed agent.

In a crowded market where your choices are many, we hope you choose us. No matter where your home buying or selling journey takes you, godspeed.


Your Friends at Purplebricks
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